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OVA Studio has extensive experience in designing Residential, Retails, Residential, Offices, Hospitality, Infrastructure projects (Bridges, Railway Stations), across Asia and Europe. Coordination and Project Management is also one of our strength.
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Our field of experience spans from designing Retails, Offices, Restaurants, Apartments. We deliver extremely well planned interiors, maximizing the potential value of our client’s brief. All projects are developed in 3D, allowing us to craft and check every detail.
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In Hong Kong, we offer turn key projects for interiors and outdoors (A&A, Landscaping, swimming pools) with a highly experienced and qualified workmanship. Additionally, we offer Licencing services for F&B. One stop shop is what you want.
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Our Master-Planning division strive to offer the best of East and West culture.
Creating large scale vibrating environments that connect with the individuals while generating developer's revenue is something we like to do.
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We offer project management services with experience routed in projects of various sizes and functions. Some noticeable exemples : Competition brief drafting for the new Hong Kong Poly-U School of Design (won by Zaha Hadid), MGM Macau R&D MP.


We created an R&D division to explore new ideas we may come across during our day dreaming/brainstorming time.
We tend to develop those ideas to a construction feasibility and financial sustainability level.


OVA Studio ltd. is a Hong Kong based Multidisciplinary Design office specializing in Interiors, Architecture and Master Planning. We also deliver Project Management services and Contracting works in Hong Kong. The team has an international design experience covering several continents (Europe and Asia) spanning over 25 years. OVA design philosophy is grounded in innovative and sustainable designs to maximize the potential of the client’s brief. Through its extensive network OVA Studio is able to draw specific competences to answer specific project based needs.


La Venguardia

El Jenga Hotel, el hotel más divertido del mundo

Está hecho con contenedores apilados customizables que grandes firmas pueden “patrocinar” con su publicidad. Barcelona. (Redacción)- El estudio de arquitectura con sede en Hong Kong OVA Studio, ha diseñado el Hive Innhotel-jenga, el que es muy probablemente el...
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Global News

‘Jenga-like’ hotel made from recycled shipping containers

TORONTO – Architects based in Hong-Kong-have designed an eye-popping hotel composed of recycled shipping containers stacked on top of one another. Hive-Inn hotel would be composed of jenga-like containers which can be inserted and removed from the structure, depending on the...
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La Repubblica

Architettura del futuro, il palazzo è ‘Tetris’

Per il suo nuovo progetto l’OVA Studio di Hong Kong punta sull’ecosostenibilità: Si chiama “Hive-Inn” ed anche se nasce per essere un hotel la sua natura versatile gli per mermette all’occorenza di trasformarsi in ambienti modulari, uffici o comparti abitativi per le...
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Apple Daily

貨櫃層層叠 砌蜂巢酒店

驟眼看這像層層叠多過似酒店,這座層層叠式酒店設計,是本港OVA Studio構想中的「蜂巢酒店」(圖),以回收的貨櫃當作房間,層層叠上天際,毋須水泥鋼筋也能加建及改造。 每個貨櫃房間都是活動式設計,酒店外觀隨承重框上裝嵌的貨櫃而改變,旅客能將整座貨櫃「搬家」,亦可作流動辦公室、臨時房屋或醫療中心等用途;每個貨櫃都是大型廣告板,能為酒店帶來額外廣告收益。 雖然仍未有發展商計劃興建蜂巢酒店,但這項設計已成了下月拉斯維加斯舉行的酒店設計比賽中,最有力問鼎最創新獎項的大熱作品。 美國《赫芬頓郵報》 Full original post...
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