“A Journey Into The Knowledge Garden”
Competition for the new AIA executive training center

Training is a journey. It has a start and a destination, from which one can envisage going further away and take advantage of what one has gathered along the way taking wiser decisions and seeing the world from a new perspective.
We approached this project in the same way. We wanted the user to evolve into an environment which depicts steps into the training process and deliver a message about the path to excellence. Choosing to have a knowledge garden where the training rooms are independent allowed us to crate a lot of opportunities for micro gathering / breakout spaces where one to one training or informal meetings for a quick chat can happen.
These kind of spaces are totally open an could be equipped with touch screens dedicated to learning as well.
The library is treated as a digital library. A shelter of tree branches coming from the sky leads you to a table and screens. Along its side, a loungy seat arrangement helps to create a relaxed atmosphere.

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